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6 Reasons to Refinance Your Home Loan

Refinancing your home loan means changing your existing loan for a new one and in most cases, with a new bank. The two main reasons people look to refinance their home loans are either to get a better rate or to increase their existing loan to withdraw some home equity.

The options for refinancing can be daunting but it is definitely something that home owners should consider as the benefits can be huge.

Refinancing your home could be the key to save money, access funds for a holiday or renovation and much more. Fill out the form to download our Refinancing Factsheet and learn more about this option.

Save up to $800 with fee-free refinancing!

Peninsula Home Loan’s revolutionary fee free refinancing deal came about from Managing Director Steve Bonfield’s previous experience in the mortgage industry. He noticed that customers were frequently encouraged to change lenders to get a better deal, costing them around $600-$800 each time in application and settlement fees, and mortgage registration and discharge fees. Given that the average loan length is now approximately 5 years before being refinanced, which over a 30 year loan makes the best part of $5,000, we think this is money far better off in your pocket than the banks!