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Protect yourself from property scammers

Property is a brilliant asset to have. Unlike other classes, it doesn't just build wealth - it puts a shelter over your or your tenant's head. Investing in bricks and mortar is an incredibly popular choice, whether you're a first home buyer just starting to figure out how much you can borrow,

Barebones buying: Finding a fixer-upper

There's something extremely satisfying about bringing a broken property back from the brink. So satisfying, in fact, that it turns from a hobby into a full-blown career for some. But how can you get started on buying your first fixer-upper? How is it different from purchasing an established property? And what considerations

What’s the key to quick capital gains?

Buying, renovating and selling a home quickly can be a fast-track to property investment success. On the flip-side however, mismanagement of your investment or buying without knowing the lay of the land, can quickly change your dream into a nightmare. To help make sure your real estate doesn't cause you night terrors, we've whipped up a

3 questions to ask yourself before refinancing your loan

Refinancing your loan has a number of benefits, but just like any major financial decision, you have to ensure that you are doing enough research and asking yourself the right questions. As mortgage brokers, we want to make sure that you get the right loan for the right reasons. To get you started

4 mortgage charges to be aware of

Whenever you carry out a home loan rates comparison, you'll need to take all sorts of different factors into consideration. From the interest you'll be expecting to pay, to the term of the mortgage. These are all features that can have an impact on your final decision. There are also certain charges you

Cash rate drops to new low of 1.50%

With a newly formed government now in power, and extremely weak inflation levels, the Reserve Bank of Australian (RBA) has decided to reduce the official cash rate by 25 points, taking it to the new historical low of 1.50%. Governor Glenn Stevens of the RBA had this to say in his

Cash rate remains at historic low

The RBA has left the cash rate at 1.75%, but for how long? The Reserve Bank of Australia has elected to keep the cash rate at its current level, leaving the door open for further rate cuts later in the year, if necessary. Governor Glenn Stevens of the RBA had this

Cash rate hits all time low

The RBA shocks by reducing the cash rate a further 0.25% In what was a shock to many experts, the Reserve Bank of Australia has reduced the cash rate a further 25 basis points, taking the official rate to 1.75%. Australia’s recent low inflation rates has been highlighted as a key reason

Steady as she goes.

The RBA continues to hold the cash rate at 2 per cent.   Off the back of encouraging inflation signs, continued economic growth and the moderation of Australia’s property market, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has announced that the cash rate will remain at 2 per cent for at least one

3 ways to save on utility bills

Nobody likes bills. Everyone tries to avoid them or cut down on them or watches in despair as their bank account trickles down as a result of them. Utility bills can be a major factor in stopping you from budgeting correctly and achieving your financial goals. In 2010, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported that