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Can it be cheaper to buy than to rent?

It sounds impossible, but it really can sometimes be cheaper to buy than to rent. New data from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) has revealed that in some suburbs of Melbourne, there are properties where it would be cheaper to take out a home loan and purchase the property than to rent it. The report showed

The RBA continues to hold steady.

It comes as no surprise to many industry experts that the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has left the cash rate at 2 per cent. Having adopted a more observational strategy in the last 6 months, the RBA will wait and see whether there is any significant adjustment in either the

4 ways to help fill your piggy bank faster

Saving money has some very distinct similarities with going on a diet. It can affect your lifestyle, as you consume less of what you love in order to achieve a goal that often takes forever before you see any results. The recent Suncorp Bank Australians' Saving Habits Report found that many people in our nation

What you need to do before investing in property

There are a plethora of reasons to invest in property, including the tax benefits and retirement planning. But let's be honest, the main motivation is to be able to line your pockets with cash, purchase a sports car, own a property that smells of rich mahogany and be such a big deal

How much of a deposit do you need for a home?

Saving takes real steel and tenacity. How much of a deposit do you need to gain finance for your first home does it need to be an alp or just a hill? The first hurdle to buying your first home is possibly one of the hardest. Putting your money aside to accumulate for a deposit

RBA Rate Announcement

Rates to stay on hold, but are borrowers still losing out? As expected, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has left rates on hold for the sixth consecutive month, yet this isn’t necessarily good news for borrowers. In recent weeks, a number of banks have independently increased their interest rates for residential

Cash rate remains on hold for the fifth consecutive month.

It has come as no surprise that the Reserve Bank of Australia left the cash rate at 2.00% for another month. Whilst conditions have been easing in China, the US economy is showing strong signs of growth, keeping the global economy on track for moderate growth. Australia’s economy is still operating

3 ways to get to financial freedom

Are you clambering up the ladder and into the property market? Here are just a few tips to help handle your mortgage and achieve financial freedom. Chances are that you'll be after the financial support that home loans offer. While there is mountains of information regarding the often stressful, sometimes agonising road to

Banks fighting for owner occupied loans!

There has never been a better time to refinance your home loan, the banks are literally falling over themselves to get your business.   If you have an owner occupied loan, under 80% LVR and making principal & interest repayments the world is your oyster! The big 4 banks and some credit unions are