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Want to win at auction time?

The increase in demand for housing has resulted in more competition at auction time. Thus, here are some quick tips on how to win an auction. If you've managed to find the right loan and are now looking at buying property, chances are that you will be going to auction. The increase in demand for

RBA rate announcement

No surprises from the RBA as the cash rate remains on hold. As we enter the Spring season, the RBA has elected to keep the cash rate at 2.00%. This decision has come at a time when the global economy is performing moderately well, despite the recent economic turmoil in China

Getting real about refinancing

Just because you find the right loan now doesn't mean it's going to still work for you in 5 year’s time. That's where refinancing your mortgage comes in. Not everybody sticks with the same mortgage throughout its whole term. While it's tempting to think that when you find the right loan you'll stay with

The home loan process explained in 6 S’s

The home loan process isn't so scary. Once you know what to expect, you'll be better armed to purchase a property, and feel more confident. Before you can nab yourself your very own property, you need to go through the process of securing a home loan. The trouble is, if you don't know

Cash rate remains on hold

Australia’s cash rate is staying at 2.00% for the third consecutive month Despite the international economic turmoil currently going on, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has elected to leave the cash rate at the record low of 2.00%. The basis for the decision is a lower price in commodities than this time

Your guide to inspections before buying a home

There are so many costs and processes involved with buying a home - have you considered which inspections you might need? Buying a house is a complicated process, and once you find the right one - as well as a good variable or fixed home loan - the last thing you want to do

Cash rate to stay at record low of 2.00%

RBA adopts a ‘wait and see’ approach after last month’s rate cut. With domestic economic growth below the long-term average, the Reserve Bank felt that leaving the cash rate unchanged is the best course of action. This decision was highly influenced by a stronger-than-expected Australian Dollar against major currencies, and a reduction in

Loft life: Benefits of buying a unit

Looking to buy property? Depending on your lifestyle, an apartment could be just the ticket - here are some of the financial benefits. While the traditional dream of owning a property is the big house with the red door and two and a half kids, times and attitudes are changing. Many people want to

Signs you should start saving

Worried you should have already started saving? Here are some signs that it's time to knuckle down and get working on that home deposit. Did you know that 10.2 per cent of Australians between 6 and 13 years old have more than $1000 saved? Now, of course this is probably with a little bit

RBA elects to drop the cash rate by 0.25%

Cash rate continues its descent to lowest rate in Australia’s history. In what was one of the more contentious rate decisions of late, the RBA has announced that the best course of action was to reduce the cash rate a further 0.25%. This decision was less about offsetting negative economic trends, but to further stimulate